Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm craving...Makeup!

I feel so weird saying this but..."I craved makeup!", not so much to eat but I had that : I gotta have it, feeling! That special product that gave me that special feeling was "The Balm: Mary Lou Manizer, Highlighter/Illumintor", I've been wanting to try it so bad since I saw it a few months ago. I've never used a highlighter before now so I have a few things to learn before I delve into it to keep myself from looking like a glimmery clown. I totally missed the sale when it was no Hautelook & the announcements when ladies were picking it up at TJ Maxx so that made my craving even stronger. I won't pay full price for anything so buying it from Sephora and paying shipping was completely out of the question!

I wanted this so badly that I had been searching for a "dupe" & finally purchased the dupe on Thursday night: Physician's Formula Face Powder in Transluscent, I'm thinking it was totally me since most people who use it say it is amazing but I couldn't get this to show up on me at any angle! :(

So the search continued, on Saturday the family went out to an nearby Outlet Mall as an outing and at first we walked right through TJ Maxx in search of a perfect new makeup brush holder (which I didn't find) then we went into Best Buy, a book store & VS. On our way out I spotted it! A small The Balm kit with Mary Lou Manizer & a few bonus products that I couldn't live without! The sticker price was a bit of a shock but I knew that I wanted it so I'd better grab it up! The retail price on the front was $59 but I quickly flipped it over to see how much TJ Maxx was selling it for & that price in itself was Amazing! $10 for everything! Below I've included a picture of it & the sticker just in case you can't find it easy to believe me! I tried to grab up 2 but the 2nd kit had an $18 sticker which isn't bad but I didn't feel like paying 2 different prices for the same product! Well, enough talk, here are a few images of the package I got & hopefully I will be able to find more time to blog this week as things still calm down from the Holidays! Hope ya have a great week! :)

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