Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates...oh Updates!

So lately I haven't exactly been on a "no-buy" but I have been more conscious and thoughtful of what I spend my money on. With that said, I did purchase $30 worth of nail polish this morning, I went crazy after trying 1 of the new Wet N Wild Megalast nail colors, it went on easy, I fell in love with the color on my nails (Sugar Coat) & I fell in lust with other swatches of the other colors in the collection! There were some gorgeous colors to consider & I enjoyed every second of putting them in my cart at CVS! Even with the 25% off I still had some buyers remorse but that is slowly slipping away!

Here's a list of the color's I picked up:
Wet Cement, Break the Ice, 2% Milk, Private Viewing, Sugar coat, Undercover, Bite the Bullet, Through the Grapevine, Under your Spell, Haze of Love, I Red a Book, On a Trip, Heatwave, Club Havana, Tropicalia, Candy-licious, Disturbia, & I Need a Refresh-Mint

Stay Tuned for another update when my "not so surprising" package arrives later this week & I can share all about it!