Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buyers Remorse. At the grocery store?!

It could happen to anyone, really. You start off in the makeup section with no husband to discourage your purchases and before you know it, you've got 5 or 6 makeup items underneath a heavy, hard to steer, overflowing cart of groceries. It's too late to put back the makeup items & I'm not someone who would hand it off to the cashier at the checkout because I really do want these items. It suddenly didn't matter that the grocery bill was $130 before my cosmetics, I Had to have those items. That was exactly how it happened today, hubby will never have to know but I do & I guess I have a bit of buyers remorse but it's not too bad as it equaled about $12! I left the store sweating, nauseous, & dizzy but the main thing is that I survived. Thank God

I came out of the grocery store and texted hubby as I do every week & he wasn't upset although I felt horrible. I grabbed lunch at Taco Bell and headed home to unload the car, Mr. C is taking a nap so I think I will as well, at night my jaw throbs and aches so I am definitely going to take advantage of a little mid day rest.

In case you're wondering what I picked up:
Revlon Custom Eyes reg: $7.49. on sale: $2.24 & $1 off Revlon coupon
Burt's Bees Mango Butter (to replace my Honey flavored purchase, which is horrible!)
N.Y.C. Smooth Skin - sunny (old favorite that I had many years ago before I knew how to use bronzer)
Oil Of Olay Sensitive Cloths - (i'm horrible about taking off my makeup, so i'm hoping this helps!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

NYX Eyeshadows

Yesterday I made a stop at Ulta as I had a $3.50 off $10 coupon & to take advantage of their NYX buy 1 get 1 half off sale. I had the little guy with me so I went in quickly & picked up a few of the eyeshadows I'd been after. I nabbed Aloha, Rust, Pure Gold, & Peach Bronze; my goal was to find a few dupes for MAC shadows, because in all serious-ness I am a Stay at Home Mom & if I can get something dangerously similar than I'm going for it.  I've heard that Rust is a dupe for MAC's cranberry, & that Aloha is pretty darn close to Mac's Naked Lunch; whether they are or not doesn't interest me too much as I enjoy them all the same.

from L to R -Pure Gold, Aloha, Rust, Peach
 Pure Gold & Aloha
 Rust & Peach

I already owned NYX Champagne & Taupe, originally I picked them up after falling in love with the colors right on the shelf. Champagne is comparible to MAC All That Glitters for those who care. Once again you will have to wait to see these on the eye since I am currently wearing a different shadow & I couldn't very well wear 6 at once.

 Champagne & Taupe

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday, how about a two-fer?

Meaning a two-post day, not that I have anything to give away just yet. I just wanted to follow up with a picture for today. The picture is of my lashes with 1 coat of Maybelline One by One, I could've used 2 but to my surprise the product started to clump just the slightest bit & I didn't want to push my luck. I really like the way it helps my lashes look just that little bit longer but still natural so I'll keep this on hand for natural looking lash days. I also have the Instant Age Rewind DCRC under my eyes & I think it does a fantastic job of matching my skin tone & concealing any dark areas, the verdict is still out on whether I am allergic or not.

P&P Friday Edition

In my travels this week I had 7 Maybelline products on my list, (really only 3 because 4 of the items were just different flavors/colors). Rite Aid was having a 40% off sale so I thought it would be the perfect time to pick up those couple of items I've been hearing so much about & wanting to try.  On both(yes, both) of my trips to the store I managed to pick up 4 & 3 items each. On my Wednesday trip I grabbed Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser, Baby Lips in Peach Kiss & Quenched along with my first tube of The Falsies in Blackest Black. On my Thursday trip I picked up One by One mascara & 2 more tubes of Baby Lips (Grape Vine & Peppermint).

I was so excited to try The Falsies but couldn't fathom going to pick it up with naked eyes so this picture is with the Falsies on top of my CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume. I will definitely try it again & post my pics of just the Falsies when I get around to using it alone. I couldn't believe how "falsie-d" my lashes looked & neither could my hubby or friend who both thought they looked extremely dramatic.
Once again with the: not traveling to buy mascara with a naked eye, I was already wearing L'Oreal Voluminous(1 coat) on my lashes. Even after wearing Voluminous all day & adding One by One my lashes looked separated & volumized. I can't wait to try this product by itself(today) so I'll be sure to post pictures so that I can have an accurate account of the look it gives.

On to the Baby Lips, all I can say is that I am in love; from the super cute packaging to the different colors/flavors I just adore them(hints: why I own 4 now). My favorites are the Quenched, which is a sweet, can't put my finger on it smell that is clear and lustrous on my lips. Coming in a close second is: the Peppermint, probably because the holidays are coming up & I'm just in a cheery peppermint mood. Peach Kiss & Grape Vine are awesome as well & have a little hint of the named colors to them, hubby really liked the Grape Vine on me & I love the feeling of hydration with a hint of color since I'm not a big lipstick girl.
L to R: Peach Kiss, Quench, Peppermint, Grape Vine

I paid $3.43 for The Falsies after a $1 Maybelline mascara coupon & the 40% sale. Rite Aid price: $7.39
I paid $1.27 for each Baby Lips with the $1 off Baby Lips coupon, through their Facebook page & after the 40% sale. Rite Aid price: $3.79
I paid for somewhere around $4.50(lost my receipt) One by One after the 40% sale. Rite Aid price: somewhere around $7.50
I paid $3.69 for Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser Concealer with my $2 Maybelline Face coupon. Rite Aid price: $9.49

I will post more on the Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser Concealer as I try it out more & find out if I like it or am allergic.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So much to update

I have so much to update this blog with as I've been a constant beauty product search for things that I didn't know I wanted or even needed. I've been purchasing nail polish, foundation, mascara, lip balms, lip sticks, bronzers, blushes, & eyeliners that I need to update this thing on & that will all come in good time & slowly I'm sure but I promise to write it all in here.


Not much has changed here, haven't gotten anymore commited than I was the day I wrote this & if that changes, this will change also.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite hobby

I've been seriously dedicated to my new hobby blog & I honestly really have enjoyed writing about it. It's one of those things if you love it than you can find the time to do it. They say whatever you spend your time doing when you should be doing other tasks is what your career should be & as a stay at home mom I guess my blog is kinda a hobby/career. Without anymore chat, the link is posted below so feel free to check it out & let me know what you think! Thanks! :)

My hobby Blog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carry On Carbonite, Carry On

So I think I should give a fair warning that this is not my best work but I shall share it anyway.  This past week I was on the Hunt for an elusive polish that I've heard so much about.  As you go through YouTube nail vlogs you may come across videos comparing Chanel's "Graphite" to Revlon's "Carbonite".  I looked through so many blog & vlog comparisons & although I could see a difference the addition of extra sparkle in the Chanel wasn't so great that I wanted to pay the $25 price tag! The Revlon product is just around $5 & looked so similar so the search began.  I called around 4 drug stores & none of them had it in stock so I eventually found a CVS that carried it & asked for it to be placed on hold. Upon the hubby arriving home I told him after dinner that we would be headed out to CVS(about 20 min away) to pick it up. As planned we went out & when I arrived at CVS the young lady behind the counter couldn't find the polish anywhere on hold! I had called twice to check the price & make sure it was on hold but it just wasn't there! 

I left sadly, even so sadly that hubby stopped by McDonald's on the way home for a treat to cheer me up. The next day I remembered that we had 2 CVS's but couldn't fathom that maybe I had gone to the wrong CVS so I called the other store & BAM there it was! I went out that morning to pick it up & i was so ecstatic that I sent 2 pictures to a friend of mine, a picture of the name on the top & a picture of the bottle! haha I waited until the next day to paint my toes, not my nails because to be honest I didn't really Love the color as I had tried it on 1 nail the night before. Overall I'm not really happy with the color & really could care less if it came or went but I guess maybe I like the chase...It has been gloomy here all week so here is the 1 "alright" picture that came out on my camera & a picture of the color in bottle.

I will be posting more tomorrow with the color that I used on my nails to accompany these spark-lish-ious toes!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Tale of 2 Colors (part 2)

In continuence of my last post (Tuesday) I actually was wearing this new color that I'm writing about now & still am.  I had planned on a trip to Ulta on Tuesday to pick up some new Cover girl shadows: Shimmering Sands(trio) & Pure Romance (quad) that were recommended via YouTube & they were running a buy one, get one 1/2 off at Ulta + I had a $3.50 off $10.00 again, which as you know I'm a huge fan of! As I was walking around the store I noticed they had 2 Fall-ish displays; 1 with deep blues(think Midnight Cami) & Metallics(think Orly Rage). I immediately fell in love with the Orly collections which included a silver, gold, & rose gold.

A friend just happened to ring me as I was figuring out which to buy so I asked her opinion & she thought that I should go with the Gold but I really can't commit to the Gold Rush yet so I opted for the rose gold (Rage). I was so excited that I couldn't even wait to get home, we had to go over to Target for something & I immediately painted my ring finger nail in the parking lot! After I had put my Bug to bed I immediately grabbed my All In One base coat, nail polish remover, & polish to settle in for the Bachelor Pad finale. I got started & I just immediately fell in love with the shimmery pink/gold color, 1 coat was beautiful but I'm used to doing 2 so I applied another & to be honest it may have taken away from the shimmer & cause my nails to look a bit more dark & busy. None the less I still loved it & am still wearing it on Day 3, it seems like it would be a great nail to wear as I haven't noticed any major chipping & it was a great combination with the base as it seemed to dry faster than last time. With no further adeu I present to you pictures of my current nail.


Make sure to come back to see which next-to-impossible nail color I hunted down this week & to read about the journey it entailed(as usual!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A tale of 2 Colors...and Brands (Part 1...)

To begin this story i have to go all the way back to Saturday! I've just had no time for blogging with the little one & the Big one being home.

I finally went out Saturday morning & picked up a Top Coat at Target. I couldn't believe how many times I had to fight the urge to re paint my nails & remind myself that for my nails sake I would be waiting until I got my nail protection. So back to the story: I ran over to Target on Saturday right to the nail section & there were so many top coats/base coats/nail protection products that it was a bit much for my eyes! I had to focus to really narrow down what I wanted & it came down to 2 products: Essie All in One & OPI Start to Finish. I figured they would have a pretty good price difference but to my surprise they were only $1 difference, so after much deliberation I went with Essie since most of my polishes are Essie. I waited until Saturday night to sit down & paint my nails and I must say they were pretty glamorous & I really liked the way they looked. With that said, I had 2 problems...the formula took a while to dry & I noticed chipping the very next day. :( At any rate I posted the pictures below from Saturday night & I wish I would've taken more on Sunday but maybe next time.


Essie: Merino Cool w/All in one Base

I hope to post more this afternoon with the new color that I'm wearing & hopefully an even newer addition that was super hard to find, but highly recommended via my YouTube subscriptions! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Busting at the seams

Since I added 3 must-have colors to my collection last week I've already worn 2/6 of the Essie Fall collection & 2/4 of the Nice Stems OPI collection!

The first, (Merino Cool) was from the Fall essie collection 2010 & I just had to try it, it was exactly what I had in mind & was looking for. I can't say enough about how soft, fall feeling, & beautiful this color is.

Mid week I was bubbling with excitement to change my nail color & with so many new choices any normal person would! After much deliberation I went with "Play the Peonies" which is a pale nude shimmer from the Nice Stems OPI summer collection, I was so excited to see this on my nails but after 2 coats it was streaky & I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. :(

I tolerated the color for about 2 days then decided to venture to other choices from my stash, coined: "Save for Fall". I set my sights on Power Clutch & the application & pigmentation were amazing, I Love It! I'm still sporting this color and today is Monday!

Back to my thoughts on "Top Coats", as I've said in a previous blog I didn't really see a huge benefit to using a Base/Top Coat on my nails as I often get bored & change colors so often.  When changing polish Friday I was faced with a problem that I've never really dealt with before, when I removed the polish my nails were yellow in spots! I took to Google as any questioning mind would, only to find out that this is caused from not using a base coat when applying polish! Oh the shock & now I have to eat my words, buy a buffer, & find a healthy base coat! :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay, third & last post of the day!
I went on a vacation at home last week & when I arrived I found a fabulous surprise! My grandmother had bought me the OPI summer collection "Nice Stems".

The 4 polishes included in this collection are...(from left to right)
Play the Peonies. Be a Dahlia Won't You?. Come to Poppy. I Lily Love you.(from left to right)

I haven't really had the time to enjoy all of them since I got them last week & wasn't really focused on my nails. Today was a completely different story as you can tell, I was all about my nails. I painted my fingers: Merino Cool and my toes: Be a Dahlia Won't You?. I am simply in love with both but only had to use 2 coats for the OPI, the formula was fabulous & I really enjoyed how controllable it felt during application. Without anymore talk, below I'll post a few pictures of my toes & hopefully the beautiful glittered color comes through to you guys.

My Search results

So I went out this morning in search of:
  Merino Cool
  Carry On
  Power Clutch

Good News! I found all 3 at my local Ulta store.  After standing in line at the counter behind 2 ladies who couldn't decide whether they wanted the free In Style magazines and holding onto my screaming toddlers hand for dear life I came out victorious! I did a few swipes of each on top of my current nail polish because I was so excited when I got home & sent those pictures to a friend(pictures will never be seen here!). Each polish was $8.00 & I picked up all 3 with a 20% coupon for $20.50!

My entire Essie Collection to date...

The new guys in town...

My current color: Merino Cool...

I love my current color & as for the other 2 I think I will be saving them for the official Fall since they are super dark but I'm glad I was able to snatch them up before they became hard to find.  Apparently our Ulta just received the Fall 2011 collection because as I was hitting up the polish department the lady had the display on her cart just about to put it all out on the shelf! The application was fabulous & as I said I don't use a top coat right now but this is just a straight 2 coat application & I'm extremely happy with the results of it & that I was able to locate all 3 on my journey today! :)

My *Brand Spanking New* Polish blog!

Welcome to my New blog, it mainly will center around nail polishes; colors, brands, reviews etc...
The one thing that is totally consistent in my life has been nail polishes & it hasn't changed over the years, if anything my love has become even stronger. As a Stay at home mom it's 1 of the few items that I can get away with purchasing monthly(sometimes weekly) that doesn't require an explanation or put a dent in the account. Nails can dress up or accessorize any outfit & make you feel beautiful in a way that nothing else really can. My intentions are to flood this blog with pictures & information on my favorite colors and journey through polishes so here goes:

Soon I hope to purchase a "top coat" but as of right now I'm "topless", I just get so attached to purchasing colors that I just can't convince myself that the clear top coat is the right choice over the colors.  I already know that top coat will make my polishes last longer but to be honest since I've been changing my polish so frequently I don't really think I'd benefit from it's use.

Today on my search I hope to acquire Carry On, Power Clutch , & an cool lavendar Merino Cool for my girly fall color to add to my collection. I have a similar color that I've been using but apparently it falls into the brown category (who knew??), "Over the knee".

Favorite brand: Essie
Favorite color: right now it's a tie between Topless & Barefoot/Ballet Slippers
Last purchase: Sand Tropez/Topless & Barefoot
Favorite store: Ulta
Collection total: 12 ( so far...this summer!)
Polish change frequency: about once a week/every 2 weeks for toes