Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A tale of 2 Colors...and Brands (Part 1...)

To begin this story i have to go all the way back to Saturday! I've just had no time for blogging with the little one & the Big one being home.

I finally went out Saturday morning & picked up a Top Coat at Target. I couldn't believe how many times I had to fight the urge to re paint my nails & remind myself that for my nails sake I would be waiting until I got my nail protection. So back to the story: I ran over to Target on Saturday right to the nail section & there were so many top coats/base coats/nail protection products that it was a bit much for my eyes! I had to focus to really narrow down what I wanted & it came down to 2 products: Essie All in One & OPI Start to Finish. I figured they would have a pretty good price difference but to my surprise they were only $1 difference, so after much deliberation I went with Essie since most of my polishes are Essie. I waited until Saturday night to sit down & paint my nails and I must say they were pretty glamorous & I really liked the way they looked. With that said, I had 2 problems...the formula took a while to dry & I noticed chipping the very next day. :( At any rate I posted the pictures below from Saturday night & I wish I would've taken more on Sunday but maybe next time.


Essie: Merino Cool w/All in one Base

I hope to post more this afternoon with the new color that I'm wearing & hopefully an even newer addition that was super hard to find, but highly recommended via my YouTube subscriptions! :)

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