Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carry On Carbonite, Carry On

So I think I should give a fair warning that this is not my best work but I shall share it anyway.  This past week I was on the Hunt for an elusive polish that I've heard so much about.  As you go through YouTube nail vlogs you may come across videos comparing Chanel's "Graphite" to Revlon's "Carbonite".  I looked through so many blog & vlog comparisons & although I could see a difference the addition of extra sparkle in the Chanel wasn't so great that I wanted to pay the $25 price tag! The Revlon product is just around $5 & looked so similar so the search began.  I called around 4 drug stores & none of them had it in stock so I eventually found a CVS that carried it & asked for it to be placed on hold. Upon the hubby arriving home I told him after dinner that we would be headed out to CVS(about 20 min away) to pick it up. As planned we went out & when I arrived at CVS the young lady behind the counter couldn't find the polish anywhere on hold! I had called twice to check the price & make sure it was on hold but it just wasn't there! 

I left sadly, even so sadly that hubby stopped by McDonald's on the way home for a treat to cheer me up. The next day I remembered that we had 2 CVS's but couldn't fathom that maybe I had gone to the wrong CVS so I called the other store & BAM there it was! I went out that morning to pick it up & i was so ecstatic that I sent 2 pictures to a friend of mine, a picture of the name on the top & a picture of the bottle! haha I waited until the next day to paint my toes, not my nails because to be honest I didn't really Love the color as I had tried it on 1 nail the night before. Overall I'm not really happy with the color & really could care less if it came or went but I guess maybe I like the chase...It has been gloomy here all week so here is the 1 "alright" picture that came out on my camera & a picture of the color in bottle.

I will be posting more tomorrow with the color that I used on my nails to accompany these spark-lish-ious toes!

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