Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Okay, third & last post of the day!
I went on a vacation at home last week & when I arrived I found a fabulous surprise! My grandmother had bought me the OPI summer collection "Nice Stems".

The 4 polishes included in this collection are...(from left to right)
Play the Peonies. Be a Dahlia Won't You?. Come to Poppy. I Lily Love you.(from left to right)

I haven't really had the time to enjoy all of them since I got them last week & wasn't really focused on my nails. Today was a completely different story as you can tell, I was all about my nails. I painted my fingers: Merino Cool and my toes: Be a Dahlia Won't You?. I am simply in love with both but only had to use 2 coats for the OPI, the formula was fabulous & I really enjoyed how controllable it felt during application. Without anymore talk, below I'll post a few pictures of my toes & hopefully the beautiful glittered color comes through to you guys.

My Search results

So I went out this morning in search of:
  Merino Cool
  Carry On
  Power Clutch

Good News! I found all 3 at my local Ulta store.  After standing in line at the counter behind 2 ladies who couldn't decide whether they wanted the free In Style magazines and holding onto my screaming toddlers hand for dear life I came out victorious! I did a few swipes of each on top of my current nail polish because I was so excited when I got home & sent those pictures to a friend(pictures will never be seen here!). Each polish was $8.00 & I picked up all 3 with a 20% coupon for $20.50!

My entire Essie Collection to date...

The new guys in town...

My current color: Merino Cool...

I love my current color & as for the other 2 I think I will be saving them for the official Fall since they are super dark but I'm glad I was able to snatch them up before they became hard to find.  Apparently our Ulta just received the Fall 2011 collection because as I was hitting up the polish department the lady had the display on her cart just about to put it all out on the shelf! The application was fabulous & as I said I don't use a top coat right now but this is just a straight 2 coat application & I'm extremely happy with the results of it & that I was able to locate all 3 on my journey today! :)

My *Brand Spanking New* Polish blog!

Welcome to my New blog, it mainly will center around nail polishes; colors, brands, reviews etc...
The one thing that is totally consistent in my life has been nail polishes & it hasn't changed over the years, if anything my love has become even stronger. As a Stay at home mom it's 1 of the few items that I can get away with purchasing monthly(sometimes weekly) that doesn't require an explanation or put a dent in the account. Nails can dress up or accessorize any outfit & make you feel beautiful in a way that nothing else really can. My intentions are to flood this blog with pictures & information on my favorite colors and journey through polishes so here goes:

Soon I hope to purchase a "top coat" but as of right now I'm "topless", I just get so attached to purchasing colors that I just can't convince myself that the clear top coat is the right choice over the colors.  I already know that top coat will make my polishes last longer but to be honest since I've been changing my polish so frequently I don't really think I'd benefit from it's use.

Today on my search I hope to acquire Carry On, Power Clutch , & an cool lavendar Merino Cool for my girly fall color to add to my collection. I have a similar color that I've been using but apparently it falls into the brown category (who knew??), "Over the knee".

Favorite brand: Essie
Favorite color: right now it's a tie between Topless & Barefoot/Ballet Slippers
Last purchase: Sand Tropez/Topless & Barefoot
Favorite store: Ulta
Collection total: 12 ( so far...this summer!)
Polish change frequency: about once a week/every 2 weeks for toes