Monday, July 1, 2013

My Essie Collection

Hello friends!

Today I have for you the 2nd post in my "Nail Polish Collection" series. Essie is my most reached for & purchased brand however the formula can be tricky to work with at times.  Each season I find myself craving their bright, bold, neutral, creative colors; they simply do it all. I've seriously tried to ignore the new collections but I seem to fail each time as shown this past weekend when I picked up the entire "naughty nautical" collection just because I wanted it. A few of the colors were original but that really never stops me when they release new shades; I could have the same color from a previous collection & I don't even take the time to compare, I have to have it! Enough chat, enjoy the pictures below!

"Sunday Funday", "Rock the Boat", "Full Steam Ahead",
"The Girls Are Out", "The More the Merrier", "Naughty Nautical"

"Mojito Madness", "First Timer", "Turquoise & Caicos",
"Naughty Nautical", "In the Cab-ana", & "Where's My Chauffeur?"

"Lapis of Luxury", "Bikini so Teeny", "Mint Candy Apple", & "Absolutely Shore"

"Set in Stones", "A Cut Above", "Beyond Cozy", "Leading Lady",  & "Pure Pearlfection"

"Sand Tropez", "Topless & Barefoot","Penny Talk", "Show me the Ring", & "Ballet Slippers"

"Sole Mate:, "Carry On", "Bahama Mama, "Wicked"

"Butler Please", "Aruba Blue", "No More Film", "School of Hard Rocks",
"Sew Psyched", "Power Clutch",& "Da Bush"

"DJ Play that Song", "Play Date", "Nice is Nice", & "Nothing else Metals"

"Over the Edge", "Smokin' Hot", "Merino Cool", & "Mink Muffs"

"A Crewed Interest", "Fiji", "Raise Awareness", "French Affair"

"Peach Daiquiri", "Come Here", & "Cute as a Button"

"Mod Square", "Lovie Dovie", & "Cascade Cool"

"Van D'Go" & "Tart Deco"

"Your hut or mine", "In Stitches", "Eternal Optimist", &"Lion Around"

"Size Matters", "She's Pampered", "Rose Bowl",
"Too Too Hot", "Raspberry",& "Watermelon"
Thanks for peeking at my collection, is Essie one of your faves? If so, which color has your heart? If not, what is your fave brand & shade?



  1. OMG love your collection, those pinks and purples are just gorgeous! so are the corals...okay lets just say I love them all :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad someone loves all the different colors that I have, something about Essie that I can't just get a few of each collection, I seem to find a reason to buy the whole collection every time! :)

  2. Wow you have such an extensive collection! I love all the greens you have and Tart Deco is beautiful!


    1. Thank you! I'm love my collection too, the hardest part is choosing a color! :)