Friday, June 28, 2013

Recent Nail Polish PickUps

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been on 1 big never ending nail polish shopping spree! Not much to say about this other than I got good deals on all of them anywhere from CVS, Rite Aid,& Beauty Supplies. I still am looking for Essie "naughty nautical" & "first timer" but I think I know where I can find those then I'm going on a "no-buy" because 350 polishes is a lot for any normal person not being a nail tech. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

L'Oreal "Royally Yours", "Lacey Lilac", "The Palace Life"

L'Oreal "Macaroon Me Madly" & "Pistachio Dream"

essie "School of Hard Rocks", "Lovie Dovie", "Size Matters",
 "Cocktail Bling", "Raspberry", L'Oreal "Rainy Picadilly"

CoverGirl Glosstinis "Appletini", "Purple Freeze", "Pink Lady"
Sally Hansen "Blue Away"

Revlon Brilliant Strength
"Mesmerize", "Provoke", "Intrigue", "Entice"

Sally Hansen "Jaded" & Revlon Brilliant Strength "Entice"

Revlon Brilliant Strength "Mesmerize"

essie "The Girls are Out", "Full Steam Ahead", "Rock the Boat, "Sunday Funday", & "The More the Merrier"

OPI "Chic from Ears to Tail" 

essie "First Timer" & "Naughty Nautical"

OPI "Nail Envy" & "Avoplex Cuticle"

What nail polishes have you picked up lately? Any that you're loving & I should check out?



  1. Those are all so pretty! especially the essie colors. Great collections!

    1. Thanks for commenting, I can't wait to try them all out! :)