Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hipsy Headbands Review

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Hope everyone had a great weekend, let me start off by letting you know the product I am reviewing was purchased by me with my own money. With that said, I found this product after YouTuber's UnlimitedElizabeth & Lisaz09 both did reviews on their channels. I went back and forth on whether I would actually purchase them for a while with them costing $15.95-$18.95 a piece but I just couldn't get them off my mind. Everytime I went back to my headband stash I felt displeased because they were stretched out & just plain not cute. About 2 weeks ago I decided to take the dive & I purchased 4 headbands with the 50% & free shipping code. I ordered 2 neutral & 2 more decorative headbands & I've been wearing them every day since they arrived. The company was responsive to my questions, quick with shipping, & the headbands are great quality. I did a little research on similar headbands at Ulta which run for $10 or more & I couldn't be sure of their quality. The headbands are non-slip & adjustable so they fit all sizes & never get stretched out. Pictures below, click to enlarge & enjoy!

"Colored Peacock"
"Silver Sequins"
"Black Glitter"
"Neon Flame Stitch"
"Silver Sequins" shown on
Hipsy Headbands "Silver Sequins"
Hipsy Headbands "Neon Flame Stitch"

You can order at www.hipsy.com
50% off code: hipsyrocks
Free shipping with purchase of 2 or more
You can also purchase through Amazon but the prices run about the same.

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  1. Those headbands look so cute on you! I have tons of headbands as well...I lose many of them too.

    1. Thanks, I love them & have been wearing them every day! I get headaches very easily & these haven't caused any so I'm a very happy camper! :)