Monday, June 16, 2014

My First Sleek Haul

In the early Spring Sleek MakeUP had a 20% off sale and shipping is always so affordable to so I bit the bullet and picked up a few things I'd been eyeing for quite some time. I looked up swatches and picked out a few things to start with and I was seriously impressed with the packaging and pigmentation that these beauties give off! I can see myself really getting some use out of these this Summer because the shades are absolutely gorgeous and I just have fun using them so adding them to my daily routine will be a welcome change! I'd love to hear everyone else's favorites from the brand, leave them below in the comments if there is something I should buy in my next little haul.


Sleek Blush "Rose Gold"

Sleek Makeup
Rose Gold Blush
Oh So Special! Palette
Storm Palette

Do you have an recommendations from Sleek Makeup?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine "Red Snapper"

Today's Nail of the Day is one of Sally Hansen's new formula called Triple Shine. This was the first polish I've tried from this line and I really enjoyed it, the formula and shade are beautiful.  The dry time was quick and I couldn't stop staring at my nails while I was wearing this.  I picked up 4 more of these and I'll hopefully be sharing these in a future Nail of the Day!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine "Red Snapper"

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Nail of the Day Revlon "Marmalade"

This Nail of the Day was taken on one of the last few days on Winter when I had just had it with the weather.  I usually reserve my oranges or tangerines for the heat of Summer but I pulled this one out to hopefully push Winter on it's way! Application of this was good, I really enjoy the Revlon Colorstay polish formula and it's usually opaque in 2 coats.  Enjoy!

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