Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tips & Toes of the Week 3/2

Hello friends! Hope this post finds you well & beautified! My nails stayed the same for this week as I purchased a new color on Sunday & still was on vacation, which only made me lazy & not want to deal with my nails! I did pick up 3 new polishes from the Flower Cosmetics line by Drew Barrymore at Walmart. This weeks pictures consist of my one and only nail color this week & pictures of the Flower Cosmetics polishes I grabbed.

Pretty much for my entire trip my nails looked like this:

CoverGirl "Constant Candy"

As soon as I returned home from my trip I changed up nails to this:

OPI "Suzi's Hungary Again"
And here's a picture of the Flower nail lacquers that I picked up:

"What's the Daffodilly-O", "Thistle OR That?",& "Precious Poppy"

Thanks for coming back! Hope you have another fabulous week!


  1. Suzy's Hungary Again is definitely your color!

    1. Thanks friend, I feel like I wanted to say to it: "I think I love you". It could very easily become my favorite color for Summer, but who knows if another shade could come & swoop in and steal my heart! :)