Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Coming!

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Today I wanted to share some fabulous news with you; Urban Decay has finally confirmed that they will be releasing a "Naked 3" palette.  This palette will contain 12 all new Rose Neutral shades and you can be one of the first makeup lovers to be notified.  I have provided the link to www.UrbanDecay.com below to sign up now for launch information.  I would follow UD on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to be sure you find out quickly when this is released. With Naked2 I found out through Twitter, purchased my palette, and an hour later I finally received a notification email that the palette was available but by then the first batch was sold out.  I have been hoarding my gift card and Rewards points at Ulta ever since I found that N3 was a possibility.  Ulta and Sephora tend to get the new releases about a month and a half after UD releases it so I may just bite the bullet and purchase it from UD on release day. Natacha Birds blog post has beautiful pictures of N3 as well as comparisons to N2 so be sure to check out her post if you're curious! Are you excited about this palette and if so, are you planning on picking it up?

Urban Decay Naked 3
Sign Up Now for Naked 3 Launch Information

Urban Decay Twitter
Urban Decay Naked3 Instagram post
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NatachaBirds Naked 3 blog post

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