Friday, February 21, 2014

Nail of the Day Formula X by Sephora "Blazing"

Hey Friends!  Friday's Nail of the Day is Formula X by Sephora in "Blazing" and this is my first purchase from the new line.  I wanted to try Infinite but once I saw that shade in person I didn't like it as much, I will probably still try that shade but I'm a sucker for deep, rich, complex reds as you can see here, here, and here!  I have this shade in so many different brands but I always buy it over and over again, so much that I've stopped even bargaining with myself when finding a new one! When removing it I had a little trouble with my cuticles and fingertips and actually had to wait a few days before the skin of my nails would return to normal color.  The formula was a little on the thick side but the color was just so pretty!

Formula X by Sephora "Blazing"

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