Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maybelline Spring 2014 Dare to Go Nude

Welcome to my obsession with makeup that's come to be known as "My Collection".  Over the past few years I have created a love for Maybelline Limited Edition collections and finding the new products as soon as they come out as you can see here and here.  The Dare to Be Nude collection was no exception to this as I said in this post and after about a week of not finding any displays I had given up.  I just happened to stop in a CVS one morning when the clerk was actually putting together the brand new Dare to Be Nude display so I spent some time shopping around then came back and picked up a few things.  I still want 1 more of the quads and maybe one more the Color Tattoos but for now I'm pretty happy with the items I picked up.  I have about 7 of these quads that I've collected because they are just that great; probably my favorite finish when it comes to eyeshadows and great pigment for the drugstore. Enjoy!

Pure Nude & Sleek & Spice
Sleek & Spice & Pure Nude
Bare It Buff
Taupe Tease
Bare It Buff & Taupe Tease

Do you plan to pick up anything from this collection or did anything catch your eye in my post?

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